Brunch in NYC


You can take a trip to Paris without even leaving New York when you visit this outdoor garden breakfast café. The bakery was founded in France in 1862 and they eventually expanded to a full Soho restaurant. They are known for their double-decker macarons: 15,000 of which are sold every day!

Jack’s Wife Freda

A relatively newer addition to New York’s restaurant scene, Jack’s Wife Freda, puts a modern twist on breakfast food. Their food is incredibly healthy and their dishes are unique to their location. The venue is always extremely crowded because this is one of the most hyped up locations in the city. The “Mediterranean Breakfast” is a personal favorite.

Stanton Social

With three levels and celebrity chef’s on staff, this restaurant can’t be missed. Chris Santos, the owner, has made appearances on the food network and is currently developing his own show. The ambiance is enough to pull you into the restaurant and the food is even better. The menu offers an extremely diverse group of dishes that are all delicious in their own ways. You can’t leave without trying their beignets.


Celebrities are known for frequenting this location and it’s even been featured on the hit tv show Gossip Girl. Founded in 2001, the restaurant is nestled in 4-star hotel, Le Parker Meridien. The restaurant gets a lot of buzz because it has a $1,000 omelet on the menu.

The Smith

For a homey neighborhood inspired taste, The Smith will make you feel right at home. This cozy restaurant has a more classic New York menu and is known for more than just their brunch menu. They only started in 2007, but have already expanded to have four New York locations and have just started their fifth in Washington D.C. This restaurant is growing fast so you have to join them now!

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