Adidas is Catching Up with Nike

Adidas is running as fast as it can to catch up with Nike and it just might overtake the multi-billion dollar corporation. Slow and steady wins the race as can be seen in this battle between the most popular sneaker brands.


While Nike serves as the leader in athletic sportswear, Adidas has been able to gain attention in the fashion world. Getting the opportunity to collaborate with top designer, Alexander Wang, proved that Adidas has become a staple on and off the high-fashion runway.

The street style stars of the fashion world were all photographed wearing the zebra-like striped sneakers and tracksuits as if they were wearing the most exclusive brand. The “IT” piece of the season happened to be more affordable than ever before.

It’s pretty obvious that getting famous models and musicians to wear your clothing does amazing things for sales and this is what Adidas was able to do. Soon after the runway models sported Adidas head to toe, everyone was lining up to buy their classic shoes.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid in Adidas

Nike has been able to gain attention through athlete sponsorships, popular music shoutouts, and celebrity endorsements. Adidas is moving so quickly it may soon lose its title as the most popular sportswear brand.


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