Tidal is Killing Beyonce’s Career

This year’s Grammy nomination list proves that Beyoncé’s career is taking a backseat to other major artists. She may have still made the lists of nominees, but she isn’t receiving the hype she is used to.


The name to blame for Beyoncé’s lack of popularity could be that of her own husband, Jay Z. Last year, he introduced the world to Tidal, a new music streaming app. Some of the biggest names in the music industry changed the way that people listened to their music. The app held artists to exclusively release their music to its users and Beyoncé became one of the main artists featured on it.

With four million subscribers the streaming service can not compete with the 100 million subscribers that Spotify boasts. Most people previously have all of their music stored on iTunes and Spotify which leads to a brand loyalty that can’t be broken.


As the above chart illustrates, Beyoncé’s career hit its lowest point this last month. The highest point on the chart shows the day that she dropped her album, Lemonade, but the attention fell quickly because most people did not have access to the music. The buzz about her grew quickly after she announced another pregnancy with twins, but is now falling to the wayside again as people are gaining interest in other topics.

Beyoncé has the potential to let her music touch more people if she would allow it to reach other streaming services. Artists frequently receive criticism for trying to monopolize on their fans by making them pay more than they have to for tickets and music. Beyoncé could benefit from pulling her music from her Tidal contract and releasing it to a broader audience.

The show is airing tonight so tune in to see how Queen Bee does!

Photo found using Creative Commons on Flickr


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