The Cove: Notre Dame’s Newest Student Start-Up

There has been buzz about a place called “The Cove” flying around Notre Dame’s campus since finals week of the fall 2016 semester. What started as a unique study space in the southwest corner of the library is in the process of morphing into a lifestyle apparel brand.

Hear founders, Charliepat Hart and Anthony DiCarlo, speak on what the Cove is:

The Cove began on a cold winter’s night during the weekend before finals week. These two dedicated students knew they would be staking out at the library for hours at a time to prepare for finals and they weren’t the only ones. The average student studies an average of 15 hours a week during the semester but during finals week this number doubles and even triples for some students.

DiCarlo is just one example of the students that find themselves living in Hesburgh library during finals. “I believe I was there for  60 hours straight. I was there three days and two nights in a row.”

DiCarlo and Hart knew the library needed a more comfortable area for students who would be spending long nights preparing for their exams and presentations. They took time out of their studying to rearrange library furniture, provide snacks, and even cut out snowflakes to create a home for students who were struggling just like them.

Hart says,“It was a little-enclosed space in what students call the “fishbowl” of the library. We found that it started to resemble a cove. So we started to call it The Cove.”

After a successful finals week in the Cove, they came to a realization. They had been able to make a home for Notre Dame students, but what about inhabitants of real life oceans. After watching documentaries on sea-life and witnessing the destruction of our earth they decided that there should be more to the Cove than just a study space.

As students at this campus, the self-named “founding fathers” of The Cove knew that nothing gets students more excited than t-shirt sales. Within the second week upon return to campus after winter break the first batch of t-shirts has been ordered with 20 students who will soon be sporting them around campus. 20% of the proceeds from this order go to the Whale and Dolphin conservation.

DiCarlo says their connection to the dolphins is far deeper than it may appear at the surface. “We feel a connection with these dolphins in a sense. As we thrive they thrive and as we suffer they suffer. As we continue to grow and prosper we will help them grow and prosper as well through our sales.”

The future of The Cove is unpredictable, but with the amount of interest in the initial order it is clear this brand will be sailing high in a few years.



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